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Quality where it counts. I import these engine kits direct to insure high performance and quality. While two kits may look identical the quality of internal parts like needle bearing can vary tremendously.

80CC vs 49CC

Most States Require the Following.

1. Must Have Pedals.

2. Engine Size under 50CC's

3. Top Speed 25 MPH

If you meet these requirements most states do not require a License, Registration or Insurance. The size difference of the engine is barely noticeable and there are no size markings. I have been riding these bikes for over 15 years without incident.

CDHPower PH-80 engine Kit $219

Custom Built Bikes and 80CC Engine Kits

I custom build every bike I sell. The basic design of these kits have not changed in over 30 years, bicycles have changed tremendously. It is very difficult to find a bike whose design lends itself to proper mounting of the engine. One of the benefits of buying local  is I can offer advice on whether the kit will fit and I am available to answer  questions that will come up when mounting the engine. These kits are designed to fit a standard 26" bike, chances are yours is not.

80CC Zeda w/ Dio Reed and OKO Carb. $249

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